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    Student projects

 Here you will find some of the projects done by students. Pages mainly consist of abstract, curriculum vitae, photo and appendix.

Department news.
Sept, 13 2004
A project by Olesya Schepina published >>>
Sept, 13 2004
New abstract by Liydmila Py'lkova is posted today. >>>
Sept, 12 2004
New abstracts added. Please, check Students projects page. >>>
Aug, 31 2004
New photos from the 18th Int. Cong. of Behavioral Medicine added >>>
Aug, 14 2004
Got new option "Students on the International Meetings on Behavioral Science" at that dept. Some photos placed.
Mar, 23 2003
Bug fixed.
Dec, 16 2002
Kseniya Ocheretnaya's & Olga Gritsenko's projects (they got two!) now avaliable. Cool!
Dec, 12 2002
Kseniya Bobrova's project now online. Looks good, Kseniya!
Dec, 11 2002
Yeah! Two more projects! Go directly to student projects page - that worth it! Thanks to Kamilla Urakaeva and to Olga Lopaeva!
Dec, 10 2002
Mike Onishenko's abstract now online. Perfect, Mike!
Dec, 9 2002
Now Liydmila Py'lkova's project avaliable. Well done, Liydmila!
Dec, 7 2002
Olga Petrenko had published her project. Good job, Olga!
Dec, 5 2002
We've got Dmitriy Putilov's project published. This is the first project we've published. Congratulations, Dmitriy!

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    Human ethology schools

    That department of our site will tell you about upcoming schools and about the scools alreday passed some time ago. Program is avaliable for all schools, and registration form - for upcoming.

Upcoming school:
3rd Siberian Indian Summer School on Human Ethology, (HESISS2004), September 2004, Novosibirsk (19th-21st) - Tomsk (23rd-25th) - Irkutsk (27th-28th) CANCELED (see announcement) >>>

School news:
Sept, 13 2004 The first lecture (by Kevin MacDonald) is available to download >>>
Sept, 09 2004 School canceled. Details here >>>
Aug, 23 2004 We have added the "Preliminary program in detail" for upcoming school >>>
Jul, 4 2004
You can register online for upcoming school. Please, visit Human ethology schools dept. homepage.

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    Textbook project

This dept. consists of Preliminary abstract, Photos, List of English references and CV .

10.05.2004 We have some pages modified: A.A. Putilov's CV >>>, Preliminary abstract >>> and List of english references >>> for A.A. Putilov's textbook.
New textbook added.

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