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It's a good one, isn't it?

Hi! My name is Vasily, and I'm this site manager. Actually, I do not really know what I gotta write here, but I'll try to do something. Let's start from the site concepts.
Site concepts. I realize that you can be anywhere in this BIG world. As well I understand that you may have fast internet access, but may not (I know what it's like to have 2400 modem internet access). You pay for every bit of information you download. You waste your time, waiting web page to load. You want information you want. So that's why I tryed to make this site well organized, EZ 2 navigate and fast to load. I also wanted the colors not to irritate you - gray is not a bad choice to my mind.
Site idea. Not mine. This site idea belongs to Putilov A.A., I've just made it happen :)
Me. I was born in 1982 in Novosibirsk, Russia. I've spent here almost all my life, but four and a half month I've spent in USA in 2002 (that's why I pretend to know English qute well:). Now I'm studying in Novosibirsk State Univercity, psychology dept. I'm planning to become a business-consultant specialist, or whatever it called in English. So, web is like a hobby for me - something opposite to my speciality, where I have to communicate with people, hurry, achive and so on...
My other projects. Yeah, I got one, if you mean web. It's something like official site of psychology dept. of NSU. You can visit it here ( ) but it's Russian language only.
Now you've got questions or comments? All right. Mail me! Here's my e-mail

Sincerely, Vasily S. Tararyshkin