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Students on the International Meetings on Behavioral Sciences

Olesya Schepina on the Human Behavior & Evolution Soc. Annual Meeting, July 21st - 25th, 2004, Freie University Berlin, Germany, and on. the 17th Conference of the Int. Soc. for Human Ethology, July 27th -30th, 2004, Sofitel Gent, Belgium. Details >>>

Lyuda Pilkova on the 18th Int. Cong. of Behavioral Medicine, 25th -28th August, 2004, Mainz, Germany.
Details >>>

Projects started at 2004

Dmitriy Putilov, Lida Ptuilov
Do women use the perceived ratio of index and ring finger lengths as a clue to man's health status rather then his aggressiveness?
Olga Lopaeva
A comparative study of two ethno-ethological questionnaires aimed at revealing attitudes to other nations
Liydmila Py'lkova
Social support and quality of life in winter depression
Olesya Schepina
Strategies of behavior in ambiguity situation

Projects started at 2002
Click on the student name to find abstract, CV, photo and appendix. Some of the projects may be unavaliable yet.

Olga Petrenko
Does early maternal environment modify genetically determined abnormality in pubs behavior?
Nadya Mikhnevich
Olga To
Olesya Schepina
Kseniya Ocheretnaya
Towards cross-cultural taxonomy of animal species according to Big Five concept
Olga Gritsenko
Age- and gender-related differences in number of suicides: Siberian example as an illustration of the universal pattern and impact of socio-economic factors
Mike Onischenko
Psychometric data for enlarged version of the sleep-wake pattern assessment questionnaire (SWPAQ)
Olga Lopaeva and Kamilla Urakaeva
Comment on the translation sample
Kseniya Bobrova et al
Toward the Cross-Cultural Comparison of Multi-Dimension Structure of Individual Patterns of Sleep-Wake Behavior
Kamilla Urakaeva
Toward the Russian Language Questionnaire for Assessment of Psychosocial Risk Factors: A Tool for Study of the Role of Psychosocial Environment in Experience of Soul Seasonality
Liydmila Py'lkova
Seasonal Affective Disorder, Social Support and Negative Life Events: A Test for an Evolutionary Psychological Explanation of Winter Depression
Dmitriy Putilov
A cross-validation of the factor structures of chronotypological questionnaries