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Olga Lopaeva
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    Olga Lopaeva and Kamilla Urakaeva

Comment on the translation sample.

The Translated Fragment of the Book: Emotions in Command: A Naturalistic Study of Institutional Dominance by Frank K. Salter (Oxford Univ. Press: Oxford et al., 1995)

Kamilla F. Urakaeva, Olga S. Lopaeva.

One of the most impressive talks given on the Siberian Indian Summer School was the brief overview of the investigations of Frank K. Salter on institutional dominance. For this reason we decided to learn more about his investigations by translating one of his book chapters. The selection of the chapter for translation was guided by the personal author's recommendation. Now, when we did it, we confirm the author's suggestion that 7th chapter seems to contain the most interesting points of the book. In particular, it is very important for understanding the methodology of behavioral studies. Doing the translations, we are often facing such a problem as ornate language that makes it a difficult tusk to adapt the text to Russian lay readers. Nevertheless, it seems to us that, finally, we managed to complete our work without the lose of important information. Besides, we gained a lot in terms of understanding scientific language and improving our English. That is why we are greatly thankful to the author and wish him more exciting researches. (See two variants of translation in Appendixes).